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4 Ways Strong Coffee Puts Everything Else to Shame During the Holidays

You made it to the holidays. Great. Now, you have to make it through the holidays. What you celebrate doesn’t matter. The task at hand isn’t for the weak-hearted or weakly caffeinated. During the holidays, strong coffee is your best friend. Don’t believe it?

Well, guess what?

Nobody here believes you can make it through this without some of the strongest coffee you can get your hands on.

Think about it rationally. You’ve got your regular schedule, your job, holiday gatherings, holiday cooking, normal cooking, eating, socializing and plenty of other stuff you’ll remember at the last minute. And don’t forget about the people. So many people. Ugh.

Coffee puts every other drink to shame during the most wonderful time of the year. Without it, you are nothing. So, it’s time you learned a few cold, hard facts about how coffee can help you make it through the holiday season.

You Can’t Get Through a Day Without Coffee

Coffee is life. And if you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you can’t get through a day without it. You’re so obsessed with the stuff that strong coffee pretty much runs through your veins. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a fact. When you don’t drink coffee, everything sucks. Now, imagine that feeling times 100 million, and you’ve got what it feels like to take on the holidays without coffee.

Black Coffee Hits Different

If you drink strong coffee every day, the seasonal fare from your local coffee shop can lose its appeal pretty quickly. Thankfully, the most caffeine coffee has to offer just hits different—probably because you like to start your day with coffee that slaps. So, don’t get caught up in the whipped cream and holiday sprinkles of those other drinks. Stick with the tried and true.

There’s Always a Seat at the Table for Strong Coffee

There’s at least one thing to look forward to during the holidays. Yep, you heard that right. At pretty much any dinner party, you’ll be offered coffee as a sort of post-dinner refreshment. It’s almost like your Aunt Maureen is saying, Thanks for putting up with this crap. Here’s a reward.

Some strong coffee might even make up for the slice of fruitcake you ate just to be nice. If the fruitcake doesn’t kill you, the social niceties probably will.

High Caffeine Coffee Becomes Your Second in Command

Anyone with kids can tell you the holidays are a whirlwind filled with excitable, mini versions of you that need help keeping their attention occupied. Between the holiday parties, plays, neighborhood gift exchanges, impromptu gingerbread houses and anything else you can come up with to fill the time at home, they’ve got a lot on their plate—which means you’ve got a lot on your plate, too. And what’s always in your hand at any event, outing or morning at home with the kids? A mug full of high caffeine coffee.

As something that is a staple in your everyday life, coffee is already vital to your ability to function. During the holidays, you need it that much more. Coffee pretty much puts every other holiday drink to shame—it’s the freaking star on top of a pine tree you chopped down with your bare hands. Plus, it’s the only thing that makes Aunt Maureen’s fruitcake semi-edible.

About Death Wish Coffee Co.

It’s that time of year—dark mornings and even darker nights. You can finally revel in mornings untarnished by sunlight and holiday cheer. All it takes is a moment to bask in the glory of a smooth, strong cup of Death Wish Coffee. Death Wish Coffee Company makes stuff for mother functioners like you who want to start their day with a bold brew. It’s simple: you drink sustainable coffee that slaps, you put your pants on two legs at a time and you even remember to get a holiday gift for your Great Aunt Helen. That’s why you drink Death Wish Coffee all season long—to enjoy the flavor of USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Coffee and the rush of 300 mg of caffeine per cup. With The World’s Strongest Coffee and a fatally delicious seasonal roast, Death Wish Coffee Company can help you get through any holiday obligation with your sanity intact.

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